Book #99 – " The Ginger Man" by J.P. Donleavy

The cover of The Ginger Man describes it as “A comic masterpiece”, and “Brilliant, lusty, wildly funny…” but I have to say, for a book with such incredible reviews and listed as book #99 of the best contemporary novels, it was very difficult to find.  I searched the Salem Library and the Salem State College LIbrary only to find that the best way to obtain a copy was to interoffice loan it from Ipswich.  The process for this system, once I realized it existed completely online, was very simple and  I now have the book in hand a month after I began my search.

The cover of this book has a bit of artwork by Barton Stabler.  The art work shows a miserable looking man sitting at a pub drinking, what appears to be, vodka.  A train is zooming by and as far as I can tell he is a (or uses a?) stock broker.  The book was written in 1965 so I am interested to learn what a man from Dublin thought of stock brokers and “business men” who have suit jackets stuck together with a safety pin.  Given the current economic circumstances, I wonder how our opinions of these men changed over the last 40 years.

Come on, let’s read! 

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