More on the Postman Flop…

There is a movie! The main characters are very different people, though, and there still does not appear to be any postman!

  • Cora, the “woman,” should be a beautiful woman with long, brown hair who is offended that she is often confused for a working class Mexican woman because she is making enchiladas in her husbands street restaurant.
  • Nick, the murdered husband, of the book is a large Greek man who is “smelly and mean.” His last name for the movie is changed from Papadakis to SMITH of all things.
  • It appears from the trailer, as well, that the main character, Frank Chambers is a handsome “drifter.” The book, though, makes him out to be a hyperactive, hitchhiking lunatic who can not stay put longer than a few days at a time.

Wow, what racial discrimination did to movies of the early 20th century…  Luckily we have books to help us remember that not only beautiful blond women with soft voices and sultry pouts and handsome, well meaning men with muscles and a smile that could met a block of ice ever exisited.

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