Fantastic Changes Ahead!

Well, it’s been decided:  The NYT topsellers list does not replicate Robyn’s top 100 books!

If you know me at all, you know of my love for The Wizard of Oz and the Batman series.  You have probably heard a bit about my unhealthy obsession with vampire lore (thank you Elizabeth Kostova!)…  and my flawed decision making which causes me to watch Ghosthunters regularly instead of going to the gym. 

Well, here is an exciting excuse for me to explore these loves further!  Checkout the Fanpop Top 100 Fantasy Books!  Same premise: I read the book and note my thoughts on it.  I recommend you read it or run as far from the library as you can!

You will see a few additions from the NYT top 100 list along the way (in particular two that a wonderful friend gave me for my birthday!) and perhaps some more of Robyn’s Faves.  

Come on! Let’s read!

One thought on “Fantastic Changes Ahead!

  1. I love that you're doing this! So often are fantasy books overlooked and pigeon holed into lower grade literature. But are they ever in the discount section at Borders?? No! Why? Because we love them and know that they're worth every penny.


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