Musings: The Master and the Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov

Well, if you have seen me at all in the last few months, you probably already know this: The Master and the Margarita is now one of my favorite novels.  This novel is involves a complex story line about Satan visiting Russia just after the revolution and the not-at-all-complex love triangle involving a nameless writer and a beautiful married woman.  Magic shows, Pontius Pilate, several men named various versions of “Ivan”, witches, an angry woman smashing the mirrors of a man’s room and filling his tub with water… There were so many interesting and wonderful concepts within in The Master and the Margarita.  At times the writing style was difficult to manage, likely caused during translation from Russian to English, so I forced myself to read the book “lightly.” I tried to avoid any political, satirical, or “larger than life message” which is something I am always looking for when reading fiction.  In the end, the message never became clear.  I’m not sure there was one, to be honest, but many.  This is a must read!

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