#96: Daughter of Blood, Anne Bishop

Romance Novel Meets Harry Potter.

Bishop’s tale about a young girl becoming Witch (capital “W”) entices the soul, but only slightly.  Her characterization is a complex web of confused individuals ranging from Saeten, to Daemon, to Lucivar (do you see a trend here?).  All flawed, but loving, the main characters are “the bad guys” gone right when a new (old?) witch is drawn to them.   I felt no connection to any of the characters, as I wish I did, I felt no sadness when the girls in the insane asylum were abused, I felt no happiness when Daemon came out of the “Twisted Web…”  The confusion between female witches ruling (ruining?) the world and the males saving (destroying?) all that is good is disconcerting.  The magic made by each of the characters is confusing – it is based upon each character’s “jewel” he carries (or doesn’t carry and instead hides in a chest that somehow hovers with him even though the witches want him to be powerless) causing the reader to refer to the list of jewels and their powers on the first page of the novel regularly. 

I couldn’t put this novel down, but it may just have been book-candy since I was just finishing my first semester of graduate school….

One thought on “#96: Daughter of Blood, Anne Bishop

  1. I think it just takes different tastes. I personally am enthralled with the world and the way it works. The characters do come to life for me. I am saddened that you found it so lacking. And I do take some offense to the 'Romance meets Harry Potter' Mrs. Bishops books were published long before Harry Potter and have nothing Potteresque to them. Maybe the reason some readers found the story lacking is because their imagination in reading is lacking and can't fathom a truly completely unique and outstanding world.


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