#1: Lord Of the Rings Trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkien

Well:  I cheated.  I have moved up to number one.  I decided that since I am in grad school working my butt off to become the most amazing animal advocate out there… that in my downtime, I am going to read the best fantasy books ever!

So, here I am: reading one of the most incredible fantasy books ever written.  J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  Interestingly enough, I downloaded a copy of the Triology on my special Christmas Nook that my husband bought for me (because he’s amazing… who knows me better?  Reading is awesome… and reading without destroying trees is even more awesome!!). 

As I’m reading the first book in the Trilogy, “The Fellowship of the Ring,” I can’t help but remember the movie version that came out when I was in high school.  I remember watching the movies and loving them… beautiful characterization, beautiful setting, and a great rendition of the novel.  When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with “The Hobbit” (more on that later… when I re-read that novel!) and I tried very hard in middle school to try to read the Fellowship:  I was rather unsuccessful, to be honest.  The reading was difficult and not as “unserious” as I wished.  I do remember the book, though… it was an old copy… maybe from the 1970s… with the cover was an off white color… and the font was green.  My friends who are graphic designers would probably be happy to know that I recognize it as some sort of a bold Roman font with fancy-smancy details… The novel itself?  Unfortunately, not very rememberable to the 12 year old me!

I will absolutely comment more on the Fellowship later…  Frodo’s journey away from the Shire reminds me of the journey of all of our lives.  We are safe.  We have homes. We have our loved ones.  Then, we move on to a scary, dark unknown world…

One thought on “#1: Lord Of the Rings Trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkien

  1. I am about to finish the first book myself and you know, I feel the same way about the seriousness. The Hobbit seemed a bit more playful and more like a children's novel. So far the Lord of the Rings has been reading like a good history book. I also mentioned to someone else recently that it has been hard for me to get a visual while reading it most times (though of course not always). I'm interested to hear what you think of the rest!
    By the way.. THIS is me! haha!


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