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Every so often I end up in a book slump.  I have a stack of partially read books and I can’t decide which one to finish, which one to give up on, and which one to keep saving.  I do this when there is a lot going on in “real life” – my reading life becomes reflective of my state of mind.  If work is crazy, school is crazy, and everything else is crazy, then my reading selection becomes… well, crazy.

Right now I have two scientific animal books, a current events book, a sci-fi book, and a fanstasy novel all with various styles of bookmarks in various places.  Each night before bed I try to read a few pages at least, but sometimes by the time I have taken the dog out, filled my glass of water, and tucked myself in deciding between the various authors, styles and bookmarks makes me so exhausted I can’t decide. 

A friend told me he uses his partially read books as coasters.  I met a woman once whose husband was into gardening – he had piles of partially read gardening books all over their house in neat stacks.  My mom told me when she’s in a book slump she just keeps reading but skips the boring parts.   Me?  I just keep collecting partials and reading a page or two here or there.   I would love to take a book-cation and just read for three days straight.  Tea. Books. Dogs.

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