Packing Things Away

While packing things to put in storage while we prepare to move to a larger home, the most difficult part is storing my books.  I remember the stories.  I remember bits and pieces of those other parts of my life – some recent, some so, so long ago.  Three times my husband reminded me to put them in the storage bins… I selected a few favorites and “hid” them on my dresser.  Then he reminded me to put those away, too.  I did… except the ten or so now hidden in the basket next to the bed that usually contains the books I am currently reading.

Why is to so hard to put these pieces of paper away?

2 thoughts on “Packing Things Away

  1. I'm already thinking about my move in June and packing a few things that I know I won't need to use before then, just to make it easier on myself. I keep thinking that I should pack up the rest of the books on my bookshelf because I'm pretty sure I won't be reading them before then, but I enjoy looking at them and they make my place feel more like home for now still.


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