Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Don’t hate me.

I am not a Stephen King fan.

I have read exactly 1.5 of his books and hated them both.   The first was Gerald’s Game upon recommendation of my husband, back when he was just a boyfriend – almost ten years ago.  The second was Salem’s Lot – a recent recommendation for a good October read.

I didn’t finish Salem’s Lot even though several of you said, “It’s a great book!”and “Robyn! It’s about VAMPIRES! You love vampire books!” … (dot, dot, dot…).
King’s stories are horror stories, as everyone knows, but the monsters in the stories aren’t what is actually scary.  What is actually scary is how hateful and despicable everyone is in his books.  His characters make me sick to my stomach.  The people in his books aren’t any better than the monsters he creates.  They should know better, but their actions prove they are terrible human beings.
As I sit here staring out my office window, looking at the leaves falling from the trees that hover over my backyard, I keep thinking about the recent news about a teacher who was murdered by one of her students.  Why would I want to read a book about hateful people who purposefully hurt each other when I see enough of it in real life?  My quiet little city is impacted enough by murders and hatred (um, Salem Witch Trials anyone?).  Honestly, I don’t want to read a book about people with no hope, with no compassion, with no… dreams.
So, as much as I respect King for being a beloved horror writer, and as much as I love that he uses New England as the back drop for his books… and as much as I loved the movie Carrie as a teenager… I’ve given up on his books.

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