Boston Strong: A Year Later

An entire year has passed since the Boston Marathon Bombings.  Hard to believe so much has happened since then.

At the time this all happened, we were all scared, confused, and angry.  Now, because we are tough New Englanders with tough hearts we have picked up all of the pieces.  The Marathon is slightly later in the month this year, but it is happening all the same.  Everywhere I go I hear the phrase: “Boston Strong”.  I keep thinking about the strength and resilience of all who were impacted.  The first responders who ran toward those who were hurt instead of away.  The police and government officials who shut down our city in order to protect it.  What an amazing place to live.  What amazing heroes I have all around me.
I am still conflicted about the way we should handle the case for the terrorist who harmed so many people.  He is a young college student who, I believe, thought he was doing something to make the world right.  He thought he was making a statement about  how Americans treat the rest of the world.   It’s sad that our world is so segregated, and that there is so much hatred for other people that causes so much self-destruction.
My hope is that we continue to learn from this experience.   Let’s keep talking about those who helped people who were missing limbs.  Let’s keep talking about how resilient we are.  Let’s keep talking about how we can interact with each other to make the world a better place to live.
Here is last year’s post from a bit after the bomber was caught.  I have tears in my eyes re-reading it.  As I wrote it I kept thinking about the fact that I was bringing  a sweet new baby into this world, and that I hoped I could teach her to always fight terror with love and to always have hope.  I think we can do that.  I know we can.  Because we are strong.  We are Boston Strong.  Good will always conquer all.

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