Oh, Hi. It’s Robyn.

The pregnant mamas have class before my favorite yoga class. This week while I was waiting for them to finish up their prenatal yoga-ing someone I don’t know very well walked out of the class. I know her in a professional setting – she was a volunteer at the nonprofit I work for. We made eye contact and she smiled. I said hello and she brought her pregnant belly to sit down in the chair next to me in the waiting room. Knowing she was leaving the pregnant mama yoga class I said, “Oh hi! Congratulations!” and she said, “You, too!”. Well, that was awkward… I thought. You know… since I’m definitely not having a baby right now and I definitely didn’t just leave the class she spent an hour participating in.  I made some awkward comment about not carrying a person in my abdomen and asked if she was still with the same employer. At that point, I’m fairly certain she wasn’t sure who I was at all – I don’t think she recognized me from my employment and most definitely didn’t know my name. I keep imagining her heading home to her partner asking him/her where she might have met this crazy/awkward redhead before.

I get it. Meeting someone for the first time is awkward. Meeting someone after meeting them several times before and not remembering them is VERY awkward.

prenatal-july-2015.jpgI want you to know your life is no more hectic than mine. I want you to know it’s ok to freak out sometimes. To be a spaz.

I am the most clumsy, emotionally complicated person I know. Are there others out there like me? Sure. Do you know them? … probs.

I hope this isn’t awkward.

Or maybe I hope it is awkward… because… some of the most amazing people I know are strange. And like… why not.

So, let’s do this.

Hi. Hello. Hey.


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