Don’t do it. It is tempting. But, don’t.

Speaking of people thinking I’m “with child” (who SAYS that??)… A few weeks ago two tourists stopped in at my office.  This isn’t typical, but we have some staff who manage a visitor center in our hip little city, so it’s not unheard of.  I offered to help the elderly couple.  The husband snapped at me several times – apparently I should know the business hours of a local historic society and be able to tell him whether they are open, though I’ve never heard of them in my whole life.

In his opinion, I needed to get my act together.

His wife, trying to rectify the situation, asked when my baby was due.

She seemed rather embarrassed when said, “I’m not.” Not embarrassed enough for me to feel bad for her. And not embarrassed enough to apologize. I wish I’d said something more mean in response.

So I’m just throwing this out to the world: There are a thousand reasons you shouldn’t ask someone when she is due.

Maybe she’s a little chunky from having a baby (almost) three years ago and loves cake and pancakes and wine (like me) so will always be a little chunky.

Or… Like other ladies I know: Maybe she recently lost a baby and doesn’t want to share that story with a stranger. Maybe she’s on a weight loss journey and is proud of her physic and you just destroyed her confidence. Maybe she is having a baby and hasn’t told her friends/family/employer yet and now she’s going to have an awkward conversation.

But most importantly: It is none of your business.

So. The next time it pops into your head to ask a woman about her pending arrival, don’t.

For the record, I am NOT having another baby. I most def had an extra scoop of ice-cream while I play in my toddler’s pool the next day.


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