I had dandelion tea

My husband was out yesterday evening so I was on my own with my Threenager (who is 2 but is SO THREE).  We played in the baby pool (me, too. It’s been over 90 for about 10 years here in Massachusetts and I had a ton of fun pretending to be Ursula while she pretended to be Mimi, the baby mermaid).  I fancily made her a quesadilla with chicken nuggets in it for dinner (#momoftheyear), then we brushed teeth, read three books, and snuggled up for bedtime.


Thunder.  Rain.  Lightening.

It hasn’t rained north of Boston since about … April… so I couldn’t believe it.  I jumped out of Threenager’s toddler bed and ran outside to pack up the pool toys and set the chairs against the house so they didn’t blow away.  I had high hopes for this storm. Would the grass be green again instead of a desert fried, brown dirt?

I didn’t think to really tell Threenager where I was going so after packing up the toys and before emptying the pool I stopped back in the house to check on her.  She was standing in our kitchen crying because one of our Greyhounds, Poe, had jumped on her bed and got fur on it.

Did I mention she’s SO THREE?

I grabbed her and rain back outside – still with hopes of a green lawn – in the pouring rain to empty the pool and stuff it in the garage.  While I carried her with rain pouring down on us, she dragged her baby pool to the garage (still crying about fur on her bed).

The minute we got back inside the rain stopped.  It literally rained for about 4 minutes.  I ruined our entire bedtime routine for 4 minutes of rain.  If you are a parent or have ever met a toddler, you know this is sacrilege.

After another half hour of more books/I want my water/TALK TO ME, MAMA time, she finally fell asleep.  If I hadn’t spent the day prior day drinking with some other mom friends I totally would have had a glass of lavender mead (have you heard of this?  It’s incredible. I get mine at Pamplemousse in Salem).

Instead, I decided to have some dandelion tea and an early bedtime.  While my tea steeped I sat in the living room in total silence.

It was heavenly.

When I finally looked down, the tea was yelling, “DRINK ME!”.  I’d missed the proper steep and it was not delicious.  It was terrible.  I hoped to water it down a bit and not start over, but instead reached for the coffee pot and – at 8:30 in the evening – proceeded to pour 12-hour-old coffee into my tea.

Yup.  I chose dandelion tea instead of lavender mead. What was I thinking?


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