The Star Man

Elle has taken a liking to David Bowie.  En route to her babysitter’s house today she made note of her love for the song, “Five Years”.  You know, the one about the world being doomed to end in five years?  Whoops.

We’re pretty careful about what she watches on TV and what she sees on our phones.  She is about to turn 3, and I like to think we fill her world with smart media portraying girl power, using our brains as a perk, and kindness as the answer to many of our problems.  I was a bit worried, though, because I never think much of putting music on around her.  Bowie,  the Beach Boys,  Peter , Paul, and Mary, Bob Marley.  Some modern poppy things, but those I am more careful about.  What if I have been exposing her to themes she’s not ready for yet?  Does she understand the lyrics? Does it matter even if she does?

News guy wept and told us,

Earth was really dying

Cried so much his face was wet,

Then I knew he was not lying.

Then this evening I happened upon a great Mental Floss list of things Bowie taught us about space, and it made me smile to remember his first he named his last album “Blackstar”.   It seems certain he did so remembering his first hit was “Space Oddity”.  His whole musical library had led to this point, and it was such a perfect ending.

What Bowie Taught us about Space
And I felt better.  It is absolutely crazy to think a click bait article about David Bowie and space made me feel better about a big parenting decision I needed to make (Do I never listen to music again?).  But it did.

On a more concrete level, I now have the excuse to listen to David Bowie whenever I like.   I’m teaching my child about SPACE!

More ethereally, I am reminded that life isn’t what we package it to be.  I can distance her childhood from difficult concepts as much as I like, but someday these things will come up.  She will have questions about terrible news she hears or about a tragedy near or far.  What a better way to introduce such things than through beautiful lyrics like those of David Bowie?

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