My Threenager

I hope more people will be like my Threenager. She’s brave, and smart, and kind.  She’s loud and has “leadership skills” (aka: is BOSSY! – as women should be…).

We spent the weekend with a newly one-year-old.  Threenager helped pick up his cup when it fell (… he threw it) on the floor (several times).  She helped him walk with his wobbly legs.  She shared her toys and gave his toys back when he didn’t want to share them. She spoke up and said, “No! Don’t do that!” when he accidentally tackled her (three times).

The ride was five hours each way over the course of two days, and she made up games in the car to keep herself occupied:  We played her newly created, “Who can say tree?!” game several (hundred) times, she pretended her stuffed mermaid was sick and needed some mama snuggles, she had some snacks, read a book – all while wearing her grandparent provided Elsa costume.

When we got back home, she watched a bit of Little Einsteins, did a puzzle on her own, and built an almost-completely-symmetrical Lego castle on her own. We talked about what “staccato” means and how building with Legos is similar to the work of engineers.

And all I can think is: I am so fortunate she is a part of my life.  I cannot believe I am so lucky to have such an inspiring person in my life.

The world isn’t always easy to navigate.  There are a lot of scary things out there.  A lot of bad people who don’t care. AT ALL.  But it gives me so much hope to know that this tiny person is already developing empathy, being creative, and being-as-patient-as-someone-who-is-three-can-be.

Maybe we’ll all be ok if more threenagers are out there ready to stand up and defend. Ready to stand up for empathy.  Ready to help out those who can’t control their arms and throw cups on the floor.  Defend the rights of those of us around us who are less able (or who have less) because of things completely out of their control.

This gives me hope. And I hope it does for you, too. Be a threenager: Build a tower. Sing a song. And fight for what’s right.

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