Who is beautiful, really?

This is going to sound silly… but I recently had to leave a Facebook group – and it’s really weighing on me.

I left this group because someone posted their disgust for the upcoming re-release of Beauty & the Beast. I asked if she’d ever read the original tale (which is quite different from the Disney version) and the delivery of my question offended her. She began to speak of me in the third-person, and let me know her children prefer Madame Curie to princesses… I made an attempt to respond, but knew whatever I said would be torn apart… so decided this wasn’t a forum for me to share my feminism. And left the group.

Today, I brought my little girl (3) to a Beauty & the Beast Tea Party. She wore her Belle ballgown. We ate cookies with frosting on them. She asked questions about why Gaston is a “bad guy”. We talked about why the Beast was “scary” even though his behavior showed us he was a “good guy”.  And we decided it’s ok to love gold, pink, glitter, and gowns, and still be a feminist.

I have women in my life who had to wear pantsuits to gain any respect. They wear these outfits today – and welcome women like me to share my thoughts and opinions. I wear dresses to work every day. I am fortunate to be of a generation in which we can decide to wear pants or a dress and still be a proud woman.  I sometimes wear pants and know that – too – is acceptable in my little world.

I wish that more of us felt confident in promoting what we are proud of, and focusing on what the right things are to become a more focused & beloved community. Why do some “feminists” have to use their femininity to act in such a manner that promotes exclusivity? Why are some women so determined to belittle at every chance they can? Why can’t my love of fairy tales and glitter and all things “girlie” be accepted? Why must there be a TERRIBLE nasty spin on every.little.thing? I hope to continue being “girlie”, and promoting a culture of pride in womanhood for my little girl.  She should grow up in a world where a woman isn’t required to wear pants to be seen as a person with power.

She should be provided opportunities to question everything, but not be questioned about everything.

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