I had a blissfully unaware Saturday. I spent time with friends and family. I visited some of my favorite places.

Only when I arrived home and sat down at roughly 10:00 did I enter back into the real world. The horror of NAZIs/Neo-NAZIs/white supremacists/whateveryouwanttocall these peoplefullofhatred marching through a university campus in Virginia. The photos of these polo wearing, Tiki torch carrying, white men walking in the dark made me sick.


It was late. I was certain I was misunderstanding. I asked my husband what was happening, and sure enough, the angry faces I saw on social media were in fact infiltrating a university campus.

Grown, white men beating a black man in the streets.


Confederate flags all around.

The use of a car as a deadly weapon.

Here are some things on my mind.

  • Why were these people allowed to bring weapons into their protest? Their “protest” at a UNIVERSITY.  You know, a place where America’s aspiring young professionals people live? Not for nothing, but when I crossed the American border on a trip back from Canada I had to throw away an seven oranges because they risked contaminating the air we breath (even though the oranges were purchased in the U.S).  But shields and bully sticks are ok to bring to a protest?


  • Ok, forget the weapons, TORCHES? Really? Isn’t that a safety hazard? I live in a city that offers ghost tours. One of these ghost tours used to be a candle-lit tour and each participant had to carry a white candlestick to show they were part of the tour. But as of a year or so ago? Not allowed. Not safe. Fire hazard. No candlesticks on your ghost tour, but tiki torches for your “white people are so important” march?


  • … And the creep who says he doesn’t like that his face has gone viral and he’s not racist? No questions for you. Just:

  • Where were the police? The riot gear? Why weren’t more people arrested (see above notes re: bringing weapons and torches to a protest… )?



  • President Trump: You honestly don’t honestly believe you have nothing to do with this? Are you sure?


So, now what? I don’t know. But I’m sure as hell not sitting down. We all need to stand up and keep saying this IS NOT OK. This is not acceptable. This is not American. Hex the Patriarchy. Hex Trump. Hex the NAZIs. Hex the white nationals. Love will win. Love ALWAYS wins. untitled-article-1493910102

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