Today I came across this article and all I could do was yell (inside my head quietly since my 4 year old is finally sleeping) “YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS”.


I won’t spoil it for you, because I know a bit about SEO and all that so definitely click HERE before you read on so I can be sure this writer legit gets the credit she’s due.

Did you read it already?

Did you really read it?

Really, really?

Ok. But fo’ real. Read it.

I’m a Pisces, just like Alexandra Roxo. And I, too, love to look at people with my rose-colored glasses and believe the world is good. I was just thinking about this during the past week. For as long as I can remember I would remind those around me that everyone is good, even if their goals aren’t the same as mine. During the primary for the 2016 election I posted something on facebook about how I didn’t care who people voted for as long as they voted, and someone questioned me on it. “Really? You really don’t care who people vote for?,” she asked. I said I didn’t – because I legit did not. And that was that.

But lately, I keep wondering if maybe I did care. Maybe I still do. Maybe I am worried there are some people out there who are just assholes. #amiright?

Have I finally become so disenfranchised that I can’t see the good in some people? Have I decided that because a few assholes can’t get their good shit together I have to believe that the world isn’t full of and love?

Yeah. I might finally have been broken. My heart might be sad enough to believe that some people just aren’t good and they’re ultimate goals aren’t to help humankind be the best of the best.

I felt so sad even typing that.

The truth is, I don’t believe it. As Alexandra explains so well: “How much more kind and gentle a place would the world be if we weren’t living in the ideal instead of in a sense of acceptance of the here and now? For all its ugliness.

Maybe we can work together – even with the fucking assholes who can’t feel their own hearts beat – to find ways to make the world a better place? Can we find a way to communicate and function so that all of our thoughts and goals and heart beats are in the “right” place? Wherever that right place is?

I refuse to believe it’s possible that some people are just pawns of evil. That they don’t care about my family or my child or my home or the home of a neighbor in need.

I will not believe it.

Alexandra reminds us to “find a way to love the present in all its harsh reality, and watch as it becomes the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.” The world can appear to be an ugly place (because of some assholes). But really, we can all find a way to find beauty and love. We can surround ourselves with kindness and love.

We WILL surround ourselves with kindness & love.

Happy New Moon.

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