Little Free Libraries of Salem

Little Free Libraries! What a perfectly amazing concept – you read a book. You think it’s ok, but you know you will never read it again. You want to donate to the library, but they’re all stacked up (Get it? All stacked up!?) so you bring it home again.

Now what?

Well, what about a Little Free Library! These stations are set up all around our amazing city of Salem. Locations are listed below. You can place a book in for someone else to enjoy AND if you’d like, you can choose a book left by someone else to enjoy yourself! WIN/WIN.

Here are the current locations for Little Libraries in Salem!

  • Carrollton Street
  • House of the Seven Gables
  • Lappin Park
  • Lemon Street (on the Bridge Street bike path)
  • Mary Jane Lee Park
  • Oakland Street (North Salem)
  • The Ropes Mansion Garden
  • Salem Willows (corner of Columbus & Bay View) *has been taken down (temporarily?)
  • Furlong Park on Franklin Street
  • Patton Park (corner of School and Buffum Streets)
  • Linden Street near the Forest Street intersection

Definitely check out these little libraries and make a point to tell others.

Did we miss one? Has a new one been added? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries of Salem

  1. Hi! This is great. Can we add two that are in North Salem? One is at Furlong Park on Franklin St and one is at Patton Park (corner of School and Buffum st)


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