Where would you go if you could travel anywhere?

If you’ve met us for realz, you know our little girl attends the @phoenixschoolsalemma and LOVES it. She’s in kindergarten and her favorite things are pizza Friday (@adriatic_salem), using her imagination in the Maker’s Space, and regular visits to the @peabodyessex (in particular learning about Chinese culture).

Our little girl’s classmates are a culturally diverse group of kind, empathetic, thoughtful children who learn the importance of the PROCESS in learning and use that skill to think about Social Change activities for the planet (animal extinction, climate change, and human equality are a few examples).

*Today, I’m asking for your help to make the Phoenix School accessible to even more North Shore children.* All of the school’s families have been asked to help sell Global Field Trip raffle tickets. For $100, entrants have a 1/250 chance to win an adventure to anywhere all over the world. You can purchase a ticket yourself, or divide the $100 up among friends (for example: four of you combine $25 for a chance to win). An online link will be available soon, and for now I can help you with a good ol’ paper ticket. 🌎

💫 Anyone who purchases a raffle ticket from @mikegiannopolo & me will receive a complimentary 5 card tarot reading from me. I’ll also do a 3 card reading for anyone who shares this post and tags me and @phoenixschoolsalemma. 💫

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