What about when you don’t have time to read?

You know what I love when I don’t have some time to read? Listen to audiobooks & podcasts! I listen to audiobooks & podcasts when I’m driving, doing the dishes, folding the laundry, walking to work, and whenever I can. I get so excited when I can check out a new podcast!

Audible – Audible is awesome if you want to purchase an audiobook and keep it forever and ever. We often download Audible books for long car trips with our little girl who is now 5. It’s great to be able to listen to an entire book for a 4 hour trip there then 4 hours back. Some people don’t love Audible because it’s owned by Amazon and we all know the best place to buy books is your local bookseller, but Audible can be a great resource for when that doesn’t work for you. (ALSO! Because you are awesome and read my musings, Audible wants to hook you up with a free audiobook! Use this link to check it out!). I love listening to historical fiction as audiobooks (and real books, too!). My favorite to date is the Other Boleyn Girl, which I’ve listened to at least twice!

Libby – Speaking of getting books locally… Libby is hooked up to your LIBRARY CARD! How amazing is that? You can borrow books the same way you do by walking in to the library, but you do it using your phone! Audiobooks and a selection of “print” books are available (including children’s books!). #winteriscoming and soon I’ll just want to be snuggled up at home in my favorite blanket. When I finally get through my to-read-pile, I’m turning to Libby.

And finally, here are my most favorite podcasts!




Myths & Legends

Strange & Unusual Podcast


And of course… HistoryCast!

And, because she’s the best ever, I’m including a photo of Poe listening to the Strange & Unusual Podcast with me while I fold laundry.

I’m an imposter.

Imposter syndrome.

It sneaks up on all of us. One day you’re walking along, being all “whatever” and suddenly it hits you – Who do I think I am? Why do I think I’m allowed to partake in whateverthethingisyouwerealreadydoinganyway?


I’m not in anyway an official historian, but I find the history of Salem to be a fascinating world and I LOVE reading about it. If you know me at all, you already know that I love dissecting cultural studies about the history of women healers – midwifes, women who used herbs to heal, stuff like that – and the political ramifications of the patriarchy on their work. Because of this passion, I recently had an incredible opportunity to start a history podcast. The whole thing happened kind of by accident, but I am obsessed. Each time I sit at the mic I wonder, “How can I possibly be allowed to do this? I’m not an expert! I don’t know what I’m doing!”… then the next topic comes up and I can’t wait to sit down and record again.

I’m also not an official writer – I’m not published, I don’t write much of interest to anyone but myself and maybe my loves who are the most amazing supporters of every crazy idea I’ve ever had. That said, I am considering submitting a gothic short story to a local women owned publishing company – mostly because AHHH! LOCAL WOMEN OWNED PUBLISHING COMPANY! But… I’ll likely submit under a different name. #youknowjustincase.


For real…. Just take the fricken donut, robyn. Why is this so hard? Why is it so easy to imagine everyone else thinking you an imposter and not actually do the thing?

img_94372018 is the year of “life.” 18 is lucky in Chinese culture.  The Hebrew word for life (“chai”) has the value of 18. In Tarot, 18 is associated with the moon – a symbol of mystery & intuition. It’s time. This year needs to be the year I stop being afraid of my creativity, my knowledge, of my writing. Stop being afraid.

It’s time to step out of the proverbial comfort zones and do the things. Read more. Write More. Podcast more. Just make stuff – create stuff – be creative.

How will you live the live in this year of 18? What will you do to be creative? Help me stay motivated by sharing your stories.