I had a blissfully unaware Saturday. I spent time with friends and family. I visited some of my favorite places. Only when I arrived home and sat down at roughly 10:00 did I enter back into the real world. The horror of NAZIs/Neo-NAZIs/white supremacists/whateveryouwanttocall these peoplefullofhatred marching through a university campus in Virginia. The photos… Read More Charlottesville

They love you to death (FunDead Publications)

Last Sunday, I attended a book launch at The Witch House, and was thrilled to meet so many aspiring poets and the amazing women who created and run FunDead Publications – Salem’s own publication company. FunDead was established in 2015 and released their first publication (Shadows in Salem, by FunDead founder Amber Newbury) in 2016. They hope… Read More They love you to death (FunDead Publications)

El Punto: A Forgotten Neighborhood

I recently had an amazing opportunity to take a tour of the Punto Urban Art Museum here in Salem. I am well aware of the stereotypes that have plagued this neighborhood in recent years: I’ve lived here for over 15 years, and can’t tell you how many times people have said not go to The Point: Don’t drive through. Don’t walk nearby. Don’t eat at the restaurants.… Read More El Punto: A Forgotten Neighborhood