reiki for your fur-babies

One of the most influential books I’ve ever read is Born Free, by Joy Adamson.  I remember being a little girl and reading it over and over – flipping through to see the pictures of majestic lions and people of a culture unfamiliar to my own. Born Free influenced my life dramatically.  Since then, I’ve read numerous books on the lives of animals and have studied their needs both in graduate school and on my own.

Animal Reiki Services

I’m an avid animal welfare proponent – I do my best to purchase products that weren’t tested on animals, I choose a plant-based diet as frequently as I can, I write to my legislators all.of.the.time about regulations that should be in place to protect the creatures on our earth, and I’m an eclectic green witch – a lover of nature and a believer that the sun and the earth and the moon rule our lives.

To further my work to promote animal welfare, I offer Reiki services for your pets to help families and their beloved creatures live less stressful lives. Reiki – a powerful healing energy – has numerous benefits for pets and their families. Benefits include:

  • Alleviating anxiety, stress, nervousness, and producing a state of calm
  • Increasing energy levels and overall well-being
  • Helping to heal after surgery, injury, or trauma
  • Relieving aches, pains, strains, and allergies
  • Addressing issues with the coat, skin, or feathers
  • Getting pets through depression or bereavement
How does Reiki for Animals Work?

Reiki for animals involves creating a quiet space in which I can massage and meditate with your pet. I will work with your pet to acknowledge their energy using gentle placement of hands on different chakra points, and focusing the mind on peacefulness. Just like people, animals make their own decisions about how interested they are in the process, so the session will be adjusted to meet their comfort levels.

Many families report results in their pet’s temperament and health in as little as one or two sessions, especially when Reiki is combined with nutritional supplements, proper diets, healthy levels of exercise, and regular vet visits.

I’d love to chat more with you about Animal Reiki for your family – if you are interested and have questions let me know!

The $75 session includes a 30 minute phone consultation in advance of the session for me to gain an understanding of your pet’s history, 30 minutes at your home with your pet, and a follow-up post Reiki email.

Usui Shiki Ryoho First Degree Reiki Certification Training completed by Madeline Mooney, Reiki Master Teacher, at the HausWitch Healing Space in Salem, Massachusetts.